Design learning that engages, inspires, and elevates

Modern Curriculum for Gifted and Advanced Academic Students addresses the need for advanced curriculum design in an age of national standards and 21st century learning innovations.

Well-designed curriculum for gifted education ought to set the standard for world-class learning. Modern Curriculum attempts to answer the question of what constitutes world-class learning in an era of ubiquitous information and technology. As technology and information are transforming basic literacies, so too ought those transformations be reflected in our most advanced curriculum.

Modern Curriculum explores how exceptional talent is developed in the core curriculum domains. Developing exceptional talent involves differentiated approaches on four levels of curriculum: (a) curriculum as course of study, (b) curriculum as standards, (c) curriculum as learning design, and (d) curriculum as authentic engagement. Learning opportunities for gifted and advanced students combine advanced content, with complex thinking and conceptual understanding.

Curriculum making and implementation ought to be the fundamental core of gifted and advanced academic programs. This book was designed to help teachers and curriculum developers understand and apply the tools leading to expertise and exceptional student performances—world-class learning.


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